Hacker Indonesia

TERM of services

1. NO Criminal activities here!!

2.All criminal activities will be submitted to the local police departement

This group is not made to feel himself that a hacker – cracker – or whatever the term ..
This group is made not to damage any system ..
This group is not made proud to join in with ..
NO its not at all..

But,This group is created for sharing the info .. who knows it is a problem that we face in IT ..
This group is made for anyone who interested in hacking, cracking, etc. ..

such as a rice,contains more seeds, the lower his bow ..
a real hacker will never show that he is a hacker ..
welcome and Please join 🙂

Bukannya Sombong sombong nih…tapi kalo ada yang punya facebook…ayuk jooint,,,sapa tau bisa sharing info? 😀

kesini nih..


About anggieherdian

SMPN2 SMG SMAN3 SMG UNDIP 07 USM 14 Berdikusi dg Santun & Elegan, dg Semangat Persahabatan. Menuju Indonesia yg Lebih Baik, in Commonality & Shared Destiny. ❥ Desy Herma Fauza S.E., M.M

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  1. bos, bagi source code anti virus sality donk! yg pake dos.batch

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